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Personalized guidance for leaders like you that want to make the most of your strengths, improve organizational alignment, and execute a membership experience that exceeds expectations.

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Personalized guidance for leaders like you that want to make the most of your strengths, improve organizational engagement, and execute a membership experience that exceeds expectations.

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You’re ready to take your association to the next level...

But getting everyone on the same page on how to do that can be overwhelming.


If you’re being honest, it’s beyond frustrating.

  • Everyone has a different perspective on what is most important to the organization.
  • You are struggling with bridging the gaps between your goals, execution, and sustained accountability.
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING, looked to your colleagues, other associations, or consultants for best practices, only to end up frustrated because the solutions are too generic, complicated, or time-consuming, and without practical hands-on support for implementation, accountability, or actual results.

The thing is… it doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN confidently lead an organization with an empowered and accountable team by:
  • Uncovering your organization’s strengths,
  • Strategically aligning your resources,
  • Implementing simple, repeatable, action plans that bring the biggest returns,
  • Achieving goals with a team that is proactively creating solutions, and
  • Producing results that  support your association’s mission of providing value to your members.

I know because I did this when I was an association executive for a national professional membership organization.

So let’s talk about how I can help YOU!

What you’ll get from working with me:

  • Customized and achievable plans and resources you can immediately implement - no cookie-cutter consulting advice.
  • Clearly defined roles & expectations, accountability at all levels, and milestones for YOUR association aligned with your strategic plan & priorities. 
  • Outside perspective and expert facilitation, pushing for results while removing obstacles and getting the team to move in the same direction
  • My expertise, experience, and sharing of best practices in running and leading a member-based and volunteer-led organization.

The results you’ll create:

  • Accelerate the achievement of your goals.
  • Eliminate false starts, which results in more work and money. 
  • Maximize the team’s time and talents for the most significant results.
  • A culture based on trust, respect, and accountability.
  • Profitability to sustain your organization long-term.

Renee helped me and others look at the big picture of problems or situations. We started with the big picture and then would continue to break it up and drill down, getting us to the root of the situation. We would then implement the steps to reach the end goal/solution. Renee is extremely compassionate and remembers key points about people that most do not. She creates a form of friendship in every conversation and breaks down barriers, so every conversation or meeting is fluid and open.

Amanda Gianino, Director, Strategic Partnerships at the American Optometric Association

The hardest part about any association, whether ours or anybody else’s, is giving people the right tools and inspiration. Renee empowered staff, empowered volunteers, and empowered others to do what they needed to do. Renee can strategize, organize, and get things done according to order by finding the right people to do the right thing and then getting them to do the work promptly and with results.

– Ron Benner, Vice President of the American Optometric Association

Working with Renee provided not only a glimpse into her passion for powering up associations through strategic member engagement, yet also an appreciation of the depth and breadth she brings in all areas of association management. From leadership and operations to finance and programming to knowing just how and when to leverage strategic partners, drive revenue growth, and engage volunteers and board members, Renee’s vision and ability to thoughtfully and holistically consider key issues and make people-centric decisions will benefit your organization, without a  doubt!

Sarah Krueger, Founder & CEO at Occhio Search & Recruitment

The Work We’ll Do Together

Step 1:

Current State Assessment

Discover what matters most to your members and staff

Through a combination of interviews, focus groups and surveys with your board, senior team, leaders, staff, volunteers and members, I’ll help you achieve greater clarity around what is working, what’s not working and more importantly, why.

As a result, you will be able to prioritize and aim your resources (time, talent and finances) towards the right issues that will drive the greatest return.

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Step 2:

Strategic Development & Alignment

Create a SMART strategy that everyone supports

Through a series of facilitated workshops with key stakeholders, I’ll help you craft a roadmap to enhanced membership engagement and association growth that everyone buys into and are committed to implementing.

As a result, you will eliminate duplication of effort and activities that work at cross-purposes of another, build inter-team partnering, make better decisions on how to thrill members AND employees while gaining traction on the priorities that will create long-term success.

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Step 3:

Implementation Support

Simple and consistent processes to help you fast-track your results

I'll advise, guide, and hold your team accountable for turning your strategic intentions into implemented reality through expert process and project management training. Your team will learn the steps and communication necessary to roll out new procedures, roles, responsibilities, and accountability practices for continuous improvement.

As a result, you'll be able to accelerate the achievement of membership engagement and association growth WHILE, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your internal operations and the quality of your employees' experience.

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Want to work with me but not sure where to start?

Let’s talk. Book a consultation call with me, and let’s custom craft your path to success.

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