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Attract members, increase engagement, and deliver more value.

I help association leaders who want personalized guidance and a strategic approach to achieving their goals of membership growth and organizational sustainability.

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Attract members, increase engagement, and achieve greater impact

I help association leaders who want personalized guidance and a strategic approach to accelerate the achievement of their association’s goals to deliver long-lasting impact for its members.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Decreasing or flat membership and declining revenue?
  • Being pulled in all directions by board members, volunteers, staff, industry partners and oh yeah – members – those you are here to serve?
  • Lack of engagement and buy-in at all levels?
  • Bridging the gaps between your goals, execution, and accountability?
  • Feeling like you’ve tried EVERYTHING only to be frustrated because the solutions are too generic, overly complicated, with no accountability or lasting results.
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Discover what matters most

People will join and stay with your association when you’re focused on what matters most to them. With clarity on those priorities, you can align your strengths to exceed member expectations.

Create a smart strategy

Building a strategy that delivers results and that everybody buys into doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you’re starting out or wanting to take your association to the next level, I’ll help you create a plan that works for your entire team.

Fast-track results

Results are driven by execution. I'll help your team turn strategic intentions into reality with efficiency and ease by making the most of everybody's time and talents.

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You deserve a partner who gets you and can work with your team.

Hi, I’m Renee Brauns!

I’ve been in the association world for over 20+ years. As an association executive, I led teams responsible for membership, communication, marketing, and non-dues revenue.

But my real superpower? Aligning the entire organization – from the board to volunteers to staff – around delivering exceptional value by executing and showing consistent results for individual and member satisfaction resulting in membership growth and retention.

If you’re an association leader struggling with member, employee, and volunteer engagement, I want to talk to you!

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How I work

Gain Understanding & Clarity

This starts with a free consultation call for me to get to know you and your organization. Once we decide that we are a good fit, I conduct a deeper dive into your association – its goals, challenges, and opportunities – and your people – board, volunteers, and staff –  to uncover your strengths and align your resources to support your mission and deliver exceptional value for your members.

Plan & Execute

I work with you and your organization to create a customized strategic action plan that the team buys into and is excited about implementing.  We will accelerate organization and membership satisfaction by developing a culture built on trust, respect, accountability, and results.

Optimize & Sustain

I'm here to make sure you're on a path toward sustainable success with simple, actionable steps, implementation, and accountability support. My goal is to optimize your teams, streamline your profits, and maximize your staff's time and talents to contribute to your association's optimal results and impact.

The most significant tangible difference in working with Renee is her willingness and ability to talk through issues or challenges and work together on achievable solutions.  Association challenges affect so many different departments and individuals in diverse ways; it is essential to all be on the same page and agree on what actions to take when developing and implementing solutions.

Jennifer Frawley, CAE, Director of Affiliate Relations and Membership at the American Optometric Association.

I became a more decisive leader for my staff and confident among other directors while working with Renee.  She helped me become more focused on ROI and the impact of our work.  Renee has a deep knowledge of working for an association in multiple roles, with all levels of staff, industry, board, and active members/volunteers.  She can lead at a high level and absorb details, while still reading between the lines – which are important skills.  She is a highly respected female leader.  

Christy Jenkins, PMP, Associate Director, IT Program Management at the American Optometric Association.

Renee helped me to feel empowered to make the right decisions. My attention to detail and level of excellence/quality also greatly increased. You held our team to a high standard and that has resonated with me and helped me to be successful in my role. Also, learning the right perspective and how to better prioritize our efforts made a huge difference and is probably one of the main reasons I still love my job every single day.

Kate Brennell, Manager, Executive Operations at the American Optometric Association

Are you ready to move from hit and miss activities to consistent, sustainable results?

I’d love to hear from you.

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